Procedural Copper Vase - Houdini Intermediate Tutorial

Hugo Beyer
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In this tutorial you will learn how to achieve a faster making prop through procedural voxel based "sculpting".

SOFTWARES used for this tutorial: 

  • Houdini 16.0+
  • Substance Painter 2017+

This is a tutorial for intermediate users of Houdini, therefore knowing the basics of the interface, SOP's and VOP's are necessary.

The video has 2:45:15 of lenght. It goes step by step of creating the vase without speeding up the video. 

  • Curve creation
  • Mesh cleaning
  • VDB conversion and booleaning
  • Lowpoly mesh
  • UV's
  • Baking and texturing in Substance Painter

Enjoy one more tutorial of Houdini!

  • Size
    11 GB
  • Duration
    165 minutes
  • Resolution
  • Size11 GB
  • Duration165 minutes
  • Resolution1080p
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Procedural Copper Vase - Houdini Intermediate Tutorial

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