BUNDLE (Part 1-4) - HOUDINI Stylized Grass Material

Hugo Beyer
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Special Bundle!

Part01: Grass

Part02: Pebbles

Part03: Dirt, cracks

Part04: Export, baking and final product

The videos are divided in 4 parts with 13:20h in total, in 1080p with high quality with 6.5gb of video.

With this tutorial I will help you achieve procedural tiling of a stylized material of grass, dirt and pebbles.

I will guide you through the basics for each step.

The core of this tutorial will be:

- procedural modeling through points and curves,

- vertex colors and composition through attributes

- Scattering methods on your meshes,

- Cracking and 3D noises

- Creating digital assets where you can reuse your assets for anything you need later on

You will also be able to understand expressions of code for randomization, vops: which are Houdini nodes that are considered called VEX visual code.

After done with the meshes, I will show you how to achieve seamless tiling

We will export our meshes and bake in Marmoset Toolbag our Normals, Colors, Masks and Heightmaps

At the end we will be compositing maps in Substance Designer to get a final product

You wont need to have knowledge of Houdini in order to understand it and you can use Houdini Indie or Apprentice to achieve these results, the only limit will not be able to export the fbxs to bake.

With the knowledge given you will be able to create your own tiling textures with different styles and many other types of materials.

Have fun!

3 ratings


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BUNDLE (Part 1-4) - HOUDINI Stylized Grass Material

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